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Time for a Gut Check...

Since the inception of the Coronavirus and the recommendation to sterilize everything and sanitize everyones hands and the things we touch, I'm seeing an influx of gut issues. Much more candida symptoms, many more folks with SIBO, and many of my clients complaining of gas and bloating constantly. But what on earth does sanitizing your hands have to do with your gut, you may ask? Our bodies, including our skin, are made up of tiny micro-biomes, or many little colonies of good (and not-so good) bacteria. The good guys keep the bad guys in check (think policeman rolling through the streets keeping the peace.)

But harsh anti-bacterial soaps, and anti-microbial hand sanitizers, while they do kill off the harmful guys, they also annihilate the policeman. So then what happens?

There are a few things such as fungus and yeast that these harsh chemicals do not kill, so in the absence of order and peace, they party and go wild and proliferate. And other pathogens, parasites, and even some strains of mutated bacteria are resistant to the sanitization and sterilization so they party and proliferate too.

Then we put our hands in our mouth. When eating, when picking our teeth, when biting our fingernails. And those bacteria start to colonize in our tummies. A poor microbiome on the outside can and will lead to a poor microbiome on the inside.

And if I may sidebar here... harsh, chemical hand sanitizers do more than just make a party of bad guys in your tummy.

  • They strip your natural oils and cause skin irritation.

  • They cause drying and cracking of the skin leading to bacteria entering the blood stream via a crack or cut.

  • They an cause yeast infections on the skin leading to terribly itchy skin and rashes. But back to the gut, when the balance of good versus evil is off in our systems, we suffer the consequences. Does any of the following sound like you?

  • Bloated all the time?

  • Constipation or diahhrea?

  • Does it see like every food causes you issues?

  • Do you have seasonal allergies? Did you know this is related to your gut?

And do you want to detox toxins out and get rid of that lower pooch? Did you know that lower pooch could actually be water retention and inflammation rather than stored body fat?

Did you also know that under the right conditions, our intestinal wall cells and the gut itself can turn over and be on par in just 7-10 days? Now because I love giving quick tips to get your gut check going right away, here's Three things I want you to try:

  1. Peek at your poo. What's your poo telling YOU? Is it yellow? Is it hard stone-like? Is it runny, loose, and watery? Is it full of undigested food? Is it full of air when you poo and having more "wind" than ever in your life? Is it urgent and you know where every bathroom is in the tai-state area? Your poo speaks volumes and can tell you what the problem is.

  2. Switch to an all natural, essential oil based hand sanitizer, such as grapefruit oil and filtered water (you can make this yourself). Grapefruit oil is anti-viral, so it will kill off coranavirus without killing all your good bacteria.

  3. Learn to love your bile. Bile is the "dawn-dish soap" of your gut and breaks down all the hard to digest fats and other foods so that you aren't left with undigested food in your colon feeding the bad guys. How do you get sludgy bile to be thin, and fluid like it should....?

  4. I'm glad you asked....Come to my Digestive Wellness Class being online held this Saturday, April 17th at 9am CST.

You will love this highly informative class. Learn:

- How to Lose the bloat and the belly fat

- What food and drinks actually increase detox and solve tummy troubles

- What foods are the most inflammatory and how to easily limit them without giving up your favorites

- how the gut plays into your allergies, your sleep, and your mood and how to build up your microbiome in a natural way.

- Many ways, tips, tricks, and solutions for good gut health to begin implementing right away to get results right away.

Time for gut check...and losing that lower belly pooch!

Cost is $25 and is available to attend in person or online! (Zoom link provided for online signees). Purchase your ticket today before spaces are full!


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