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It's 2021 - Let's Get Motivated!

With the hard year of 2020 out of the way, it's time to embrace change and put your health as a priority. But how do you even begin?

Read on, as our nutritionist as put together three simple ways to motivate yourself get begin to get healthier in 2021:

1. Eat clean for 4 days. The first 3 days of any protocol are what's known as the "detox phase" so while you may not feel optimal those days, by day 4 generally, you will wake up feeling more energy and less brain fog than you have for a long time. Commit to 4 days and schedule something fun and active on the fourth day, and see if you don't wake up ready to go!

2. Speaking of scheduling....a great way to motivate yourself is to sign up for something active that's coming up, such as a 5k, a charity walk, even an online even where you know you will want to feel and look your best on zoom. By scheduling something in advance, you can plan how to prepare and start to train for that special day!

3. And speaking of planning.... when it comes to eating healthy and moving, planning is key. Tonight at dinner, plan an extra portion to pack for lunch tomorrow. This Sunday afternoon, plan to make a batch of your healthy favorites such as a big pan of roasted veggies, some containers of cottage cheese and orange slices, or some hard-boiled eggs to grab and go for the week!

Small simple steps yield big results over time, and creating habits creates health!

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