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The Glue That Holds You Together

Riddle for you: What is the cement or glue in your body that holds everything together??

Answer: Collagen.

Collagen, the most abundant protein within the human body, And here’s just a few reasons the stuff is so important:

  • It’s the major component of the hair and nails.

  • It gives strength, (like cement) to various structures of the body including the strength of the skin itself.

  • It’s found in blood vessels, the digestive tract, the heart, the gallbladder, the kidneys and more!

  • Its basically the scaffolding of the skin itself! And if you have any amount of cellulite, collagen should be your new best friend to rebuild that scaffolding so that those fat cells don’t show through!

  • And you should know, as we age, as we go through stress, and every single time a women has a period, we lose this glue that holds us together, leading to aging, deterioration, bone loss, muscle loss, and even joint pain and inflammation.

Collagen, the positive-agers best friend.

So how to keep our collagen, essentially the glue that is holding us together, adequate?

Here are some easy and natural ways:

  1. Red Light therapy. Red incandescent light stimulates the production of collagen. . Check out something like Sauna Space for a high quality red lamp or sauna for your home.

  2. Avoid too much processed sugar, since high sugar consumption can weaken collagen, but eating more collagen-rich foods like bone broth can naturally rebuild!

  3. Get a facial! Facials and facial massages stimulate collagen production as well. (I have a local gal for this I love so if you are local, hit me up and I’ll give her info!)

  4. Get some C! Vitamin C. This powerful vitamin increases collagen within the skin!

  5. And pair that C with G… or Gelatin! Gelatin is a naturally derived animal product that when paired with Vitamin C improves collagen synthesis.

  6. And don’t forget Vitamin A which has been shown to greatly enhance collagen formation and speed wound healing.

What are some of my favorite products for boosting collagen?

Don’t want to make your own bone broth? Click to Check this out.

Methylene Blue. A up and coming promising supplement that has vast benefits for rebuilding collagen. Watch my video HERE.

With proper supplementation and self-care we can positively age and keep our bones strong, our heart pumping, and our skin supple. So don’t come un-glued!

Written by Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Certified Personal trainer at the Weight Room, Jodelle Fitzwater.

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