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The Couple That Lifts Together Gets Results Together

We are proud to announce a "Couples Member Spotlight"!

Victor Loza and his wife, Nickole, inspire us and we honor them as two amazing Weight Room Family members!  Speaking of family, these parents of seven kids make time weekly to keep their workouts a priority.   What Inspires you two to stay active? Victor says: "I want to be stronger to keep up with my kids as they grow. Nickole says: "Results! My clothes are baggy, I'm lifting heavier, and seeing more definition, as well as keeping up with my toddlers! That keeps me going! What are your favorite exercises? Victor: "Back and biceps I want to have a strong back. Nickole: "Deadlifts or anything having to do with legs/glutes. What results have you seen since being at the Weight Room? Victor: "More definition, I'm stronger, and I have lost 16 pounds as well as inches!" Nickole: "I'm down 20 pounds and 4 inches off my waist, and I'm not as tired throughout the day." Favorite Healthy Food & Not-so-healthy Food? Victor: "Healthy would be chicken and asparagus. Not-so-healthy would be Pizza and burgers." Nickole:  "Healthy would be chicken and broccoli and Not-so-healthy....I sure love my stuffed crust pizza!" What advice would you give to new-comers? Victor:  "Keep it simple when you are starting out and don't overwhelm yourself with tough workouts." Nickole: "Write out a plan and a goal. Plan your workouts and stick to it.  You will be more organized at the gym and definitely have a goal with what you are trying to accomplish."

We commend you two for your hard work and dedication to achieving your fitness goals.  Keep going and keep inspiring!

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