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11 Tips to Spring Forward With Your Health At Home

Written by Jodelle Fitzwater, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

Birds singing, trees budding, warmer breezes blowing, and you are home to enjoy it all.

When was the last spring you had ample time to plant your flowers, catch up on some spring cleaning and enjoy your own home daily? While this public health issue has created alot of stress, if you look at it in a different light, it’s allowed us to enjoy our homes and given us time to improve our health at home.

We put so much into our homes, and we work so hard to have nice homes, that it is time to enjoy our homes.  

So because we care about your health at home, here are 11 tips to increase not only your enjoyment at home, but also improve your immune system. 

  1. Sit in your favorite room with a mug of hot herbal tea such as nettle tea or astragalus tea and watch the sunrise. Both teas are shown to boost immunity. 

  2. Lounge on your deck with a cup of coffee and blend up some Lion’s Mane powder in it.  Lion’s mane is a type of medicinal mushroom that aids in enhancing immune cells in the gut. 

  3. Lay on a blanket in the grass and do some light stretches while the sun shines on you. Sunlight as we know boosts Vitamin D level, which immensely helps immune function. 

  4. Open the windows and doors and air out your home.  A stagnant, stale air, stuffy home is a breeding ground for bacteria.  But cracking windows on a cold day or opening all of them completely creates fresher air, and the sunlight through the windows kills microbes. 

  5. Drink more water. Perhaps get your pretty pitcher or glass dispenser and add fresh mint leaves and lemon slices to make it “spa water” at home.  Then sit back on your lounge chair with some “spa water” and an eye mask. 

  6. Take a long hot bath.  Add some drops of rosemary and eucalyptus to your bath as well as some bath salts to soak away stress and tension.  News and media can hype us up, but bath salts can calm you down and the oils are superior for fighting harmful pathogens. 

  7. Exercise with us! Both on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel we have a vast array of workouts from Zumba to HIIT to even a long drawn-out stretch routine that will keep you fit and healthy at home.  Set up a fun workout space in your favorite room or even outside on your patio and enjoy the sweat fest!

  8. Deep clean your home for a colorie blasting “kill two birds with one stone” workout!  Clean your home and get your workout on.  According to the My Fitness Pal app, one can burn roughly 625 calories with only 3 hours of cleaning! 

  9. Plant that garden you keep talking about.  No space outside, consider container gardening. Get your hands in the dirt, and connect to the earth.  Touching the earth, with your hands digging or bare feet walking gives your body free electrons that the earth’s energy has.  No it’s not “whoo whoo hippy dippy trippy stuff”. Check out the science on it!

  10. Walk barefoot in the dewy grass for 10 minutes.  Ancient Chinese medicine states that doing this rejuvenates the kidneys and creates better filtration in the body with removal of waste. 

  11. Create the big family dinner you have always wanted but never had time for.  Cooking actually burns roughly 200 calories an hour.  Don’t forget to put away that mixer and mix by hand for a bonus arm workout. 

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” - Dr. Wayne Dyer.  While it may seem stressful to think about the situation we are in, when we look at the opportunities for positive change, they are all around us to enjoy.  Take the time to do that to not only that, but also to improve the health of both you and your home!

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